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From a dark, damp, stench infested laboratory that smells from decomposing body's of tweekers and crack heads
that were used during experimentation for Alien research. In an old ghostly haunted abandoned dwelling.
Some where in the Black Swamp of North West Ohio. This is Black Swamp Radio.

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The paranormal, supernatural & the unexplained with the best Indie music,
& paranormal radio shows with Old Time Radio.

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Mission Statement:
We Are One We have no enemies and recognize no borders and we hold no boundaries. We respect all through out our lives and wish peace to all life, what ever that life may be. We rise from the ashes of destruction from the past and breath forth new way of life we can all live with. Where everyone is loved and no one is forgotten. We do not care if you are black, white, gray or gay. For we are all one, and every one and every thing is dear. The fish in the sea, the Trees on the Earth and the right to be free.

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Black Swamp Radio is on-line 24/7. We are known as the Indie Album Station because most of the music Cds we receive are good enough to play the entire thing. Swamp Gas is on Wednesdays at 10 pm est 9 pm cst 8 pm mst 7 pm pst. We also make this show into a podcast for you to download. Our Chat Room is (The Swamp) to have direct input for questions with our guests.

If you would like to view our programming schedule then please click HERE .

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Black Swamp Radio operates out of the pocket of the owner (Arizona Tramp / Wise Frog). There are no paid advertisements. Running this station is far from free. In order to keep this station going, there are expenses like server fees for the website and the streaming server. as well as un-for seen things like when a PC goes poof. Please help us yo stay alive and provide you the Lister with the enjoyment found here. Thank you.

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